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Adelaide Roof Safety Systems

Professionally installed roof safety systems.

Finding the right Height Safety Solution and advice can be daunting and a little overwhelming with all the Standards, Regulations and codes of practice….and that’s even before looking at the huge range of products that are out there. That’s where we make things easy, from initial consult to design and install and ongoing support and maintenance, we take the stress and confusion out finding the right solution to meet your height safety requirements.

Our services include design, custom fabrication, installation, inspection and certification, giving you the benefit of working with only one provider for all Roof Safety services.  All our systems are focused on ensuring a safe and compliant work environment whilst working at heights.

Height safety should always be considered for any workplace to help prevent work-related injuries. Installing the right fall prevention system will provide a compliant workplace. We supply and install the full range of fall prevention systems and equipment, which undergo rigorous testing to exceed Australian standards.

Our experienced tradespeople are certified to install fall prevention systems including safety anchors, roof walkway systems, access hatches, guardrails, access ladders and much more. No matter the project, we have a solution for your workplace whilst working at heights.

Roof Safety Systems Services

We provide services from start to finish, giving you the convenience of working with one provider.







roof safety system designer in Adelaide

Designing the best solution requires a conversation to ensure we understand your specific needs.

Each system is uniquely designed to the individual, the building, compliance requirements and most importantly provides a user-friendly experience to protect individuals working at heights. We take a practical approach our design to ensure a “Best Fit” solution that ensures you get a system that is compliant, effective and easy to use.

Our designs are fully customised and include harness points, roof access hatches, ladder points, fixed permanent ladders, walkways and guardrails and fixed platforms, all of which enable us to design a suitable system no matter what your requirements.

Other considerations can include budgets and visual aesthetics because every roof, its environment and structure is unique. Our consultations are thorough, we explain your obligations in providing a safe work environment. We assist you through the entire process, ensuring you understand every step from the initial consultation, inspection, design and installation.

Our design team uses state of the art software and tools to design detailed plans that capture all elements of you building, whether it be at New Construction or on Existing Buildings, to produce detailed and easy to read plans. They then take it one step further by coordinating with other trades to ensure that design is suitable and provides safe access and consideration all aspects building service requirements’

Too often we see client struggle to understand find information about their systems that previous manufacturers or installers have failed to deliver. We pride ourselves delivering all our systems with comprehensive Technical Data, User Manuals, Warranties, Service Manuals and ASBUILTS. This means you have the confidence in knowing exactly what your system looks like, who can use the system and what the ongoing maintenance requirements are.


We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturing partners to ensure our systems are built to the strictest of Australian height safety standards.

Our equipment is durable, easy to use and cost effective. Almost all of our products are manufactured and fabricated in Australia using aluminium which is lightweight, non-corrosive to most roof substrates with almost limitless application and all come with AS/NZS Certification and 10 Year warranties giving confidence that you’ve invested well in safety.

Customisation of roof safety systems is almost limitless with our massive range of innovative products incorporating the latest technology from QR Scan integration into equipment for faster tracking, lightweight surface mount anchors, to Powder coating to get the right look for your building.

Adelaide roof safety custom fabrication

Our suppliers are at the forefront in R&D and are continually elevating the standard of height safety through collaboration with installers, builders and designers to make height safety easier, safer and more cost effective.

Our systems are compact, modular and strong by design making installation into difficult areas a breeze. This is a must when you consider that the majority of the work installing these types of systems is conducted on roofs and in hard reach places. They are designed to go in easy and to last offering unparalleled safety, ease of access and durability.  

“We love a challenge and finding effective solutions for our customers that are outside the box, this is what excites us, this is what we do well”


Adelaide roof safety installation service

Our accredited team of installers provide prompt and professional height safety installation services throughout Adelaide, South Australia.

Our experienced installers carry industry experience with a strong understanding building principles across all types of roofs, structures and substrates and are trained and accredited directly by the product manufacturers for your peace of mind.

Our technicians receive ongoing training and support to ensure they fully understand current requirements and relevant standards to ensure the highest standards of installation. They are also well versed in the use of Installation and Project Management software  

We work closely with our clients ensuring we adhere to project deadlines, safety regulations, budgets and work alongside other trades and builders onsite where required.

We provide Job Safety Assessments (JSA’s) and Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS’s) prior to the commencing any work as safety is paramount. After the completion of our height safety installation, you can expect to find a clean and safe workspace with all rubbish removed and disposed of. We provide height safety certification and height safety training in the use of the new equipment, leaving you with site documentation and user manuals where required.


Once a Roof Safety System is installed, on-going compliance to current height safety regulations is compulsory.

Height safety equipment inspections vary between 6 and 12 months, depending on the requirements of the system. Inspections involve checking and testing all systems for defects or to ensure compliance, user safety and reduced liability. The inspections and re-certification identify and reports on items such PPE (harness and Equipment) SRL (Self retracting lines), portable ladders, anchor points, horizontal lifelines, fixed ladders, walkways and so on……Virtually every aspect of the system required to provide safe access to intended areas.

Roof safety certification and maintenance services in Adelaide

Professionals who work at heights know that safety is paramount and understand the consequences of ignoring risks in the workplace. Not having compliant and up to date equipment can limit access to site/building serviceable areas at critical times causing lengthy delays, avoidable costs and potentially putting lives at risk. Maintaining UpToDate equipment, inspections and certification ensures that trades can conduct their work in the safest and most compliant manner with minimal disruption, this essential for workers such as:
• Refrigeration mechanics
• Plumbers
• Roofers
• Window Cleaners
• Solar technicians
Most trade-based workers within construction.
Regular on time scheduled inspections save time, money and potentially lives.
Roof Safety Systems SA provides testing, certification and routine maintenance of height safety and access systems throughout South Australia. Our team are fully trained to ensure the right safety systems are fitted and compliant with AS/NZS Standards and relevant Codes of Practice.

“If you’re not sure about your system, book us today and trust that it will be done properly. “


roof safety consultancy and risk assessment

The Work Health and Safety Act is clear on this and can’t be ignored no matter who you are – employer, employee, contractor, building owner, facility manager, designer, installer or manufacturer – we all have a Duty of Care to ensure safe practices are adhered to when working at heights.

When observing a workplace and the risks associated it is important to understand what the overarching requirements that we need to fulfill in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of workers and who is responsible. 
Roof Safety Systems work closely with our clients to carry out site-specific height safety audits, taking into account facility and client requirements, appropriate safety requirements and any existing equipment.

When conducting Audit or Inspection, we capture information about all existing safety equipment onsite along with specific aspects of the building such as elevations, window locations, specific areas requiring access, types and condition of building substrates, access points, means of access and plant and equipment locations. This information is recorded onsite during the Inspection utilising innovative software packages to generate a register and photos of all equipment, locations, site conditions and accurate plans which is then stored on file.
A full audit report is provided, including observations, findings and recommendations.
From this report, we work closely with our clients to discuss any non-compliance findings and assist them in designing and installing systems to ensure compliance and reduce their liability in the event of fall or accident.
Our team are experienced in all aspects of Australian height safety standards and relevant Codes of Practice with a strong understanding of the varied building, facility, site and trade requirements. We can recommend, design and install systems that are practical, reliable, durable and most importantly; safe.

Australian Standards & Work Cover Requirements
Systems are designed to meet the applicable Australian Standards and Work Cover Requirements:
AS1657: Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways & ladders — Design construction and installation.
AS1891.4: Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices. Part 4: Selection, use and maintenance.
AS4488.2: Industrial rope access systems. Part 2: Selection, use and maintenance.
Industry code of Practice for safe work on Roofs. Part 1: Commercial and Industrial Buildings.
Codes of Practice Safework SA. Managing the risk of falls at workplaces
Work Health and Safety Act 2012


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